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My name is Anthony Phillip Stone & I am a Conservative-Christian-Libertarian-Podcasting-Rock N' Roller who's dream was to be a rocker, but due to disability never was able to achieve that dream! I do however create music as a hobby & release it to the internet! I also use my voice to speak up for my country! The United States of America! I'm proud to be an American & I support America being 1st! We CANNOT keep catering to the world! There are poor Americans without healthcare! We CANNOT keep letting ILLEGAL ALIENS steal our jobs & social services! Illegal Immigration and Immigration are separate issues! Illegal MEANS ILLEGAL! Why do often people confuse the two?

It is rare & unusual for a rocker to hold my positions I know? But i believe that we should think for ourselves or at least try! Many in the "music industry" are like mindless cogs in a globalist computer!  I've often called myself an Outlaw Rock N' Roller! and I'm proud of that!

It was around the end of 2004 when I decided to start putting together "Tales of Hurt & the Paranormal" Though I wouldn't come up with that title till some time later? I started gathering the songs I had recorded and or had songs made out of them... and finally on June 7th, 2006 my 1st CD was released...

Then in 2008 I finished my 2nd CD titled "Breaking the InSanity Box" [July 29th, 2008]


but before I released it? I'd scored some top 20 chart positions on several independent music sites... with the song "Mission To Mars"


The hits ended there because B-T-I-B had politically incorrect songs on it! [just like my 1st & 3rd albums? what can I say? I'm not politically correct!]

Over the years I have also covered a few tracks from Nirvana, Prince, GNR, Marilyn Manson & Type O' Negative!

In Sept. 2018 I released my 4th CD [cdbaby only] "Technocratic Dictatorship-Magnet of a Fear Porn Planet" You can also listen to the full CD FREE! on ReverbNation.com!  I DO NOT ask that my fellow musicians change the way they think to suit my beliefs? But I would suggest for them to think for themselves in a day when thinking is a revolutionary act!

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Special Notice: Though I have made my music available online for purchase? I run this website as a personal website & not as a business! Both AnthonyPhillipStone.com & RockNroll100fm.com are personal websites! Thank You!

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