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Bio: Anthony Phillip Stone is a hobby Gamer,Musician,Podcaster & makes music/and/or TV shows on Video Hosting Social Media sites!
He is on Youtube,Periscope,TwitchTV,DLiveTV & Facebook Gaming. His content includes songs he's written released as albums, political opinion w/ news coverage via podcasting, TV Production w/a mixture of game play via "JCBW CAW Wrestling, & online steaming video game play!
A-P-S or sometimes called "ap-friggin' s" is a social liberal,Christian conservative! [old fashioned liberal w/some Christian values]

His music has been pumped out on commercial sites such as amazon, apple, Napster, spotify & more though he is NOT in the business. This was about getting his music out there! Not earning a living! 

Now here's a word from Anthony Stone!

Hello y'all, & welcome to my little corner on the internet! Here is a little about me. I wanted to be a musician at 14, that same year was also inquiring about spiritual matters as well but for the next few years, music was the MAIN FORCE in my life! Then 1994 was a horrible year for our entire family, I got engulfed in a horrible depression & was filling my time listening to TV Preaching along with my music. I watched Jack Van  Impi Presents for most of that year. Was a HUGE, HUGE fan of Kurt Cobain's, and though he wasn't the main source of my depression? He was one of the woes of that year... I NOT ONLY had a terrible year, but lost one of my music heroes. Well one Aug. Sunday in 1994 [i believe it was, it could've been from anytime in 94 but I saw it then] Jack Van Impi mentioned an article about Kurt Cobain. He said, Now I cant judge weather Kurt Cobain is in heaven or hell? That's for God to decide, but for all of the alive Rockers out there, you don't have to go to hell! you can make that decision today! [I'm Paraphrasing a TV Show I seen in 94 so it may NOT be exactly as I remember it] He said pray w/ me & I prayed with him... From that day on I've stuck with Jesus with the exception of the years I call "The Dark Years" 2010-2015 where I sorta slipped away.In closing after my Fathers passing I slowly "Came home" as the gospel song goes in "Come Home...Come home..Jesus is waiting come ho-o-o-ome! I was already reading the bible again but it was during that darkness of my fathers passing God used it to comfort me! Never getting away from my Lord again! Just so y'all know.. I still LOVE Kurtd Kobain BTW! Especially on "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"! We DO have ONE semi-Gospel song from Kurt... Its on the 2004 Box Set. "They Hung Him on a Cross" Love that! Tears rolled the 1st time I heard it, because its a reminder of my salvation! 


The Year 1989 was a special year. I kept getting in trouble with the Jr. High elites! The year I went full-blown rock n' roll! and the year I saw the Concert: Mtvs Live @ The Ritz with Guns N' Roses! That show took me from "Loving music" to wanting to create it! In the year of 1991 I picked up my Sony tabletop Recorder [better description than Sony mini Recorder] Sony's version was a bit smaller than general recorders at that time, but still a table top similar to my Jensen Tape Recorder now! I would play my tapes through the boombox & record me singing to them via the tape recorder... [homemade karaoke tapes w/o the karaoke] Later on for the Christmas of 1992 My mom purchased me a Karaoke for Christmas. A GPX only lasted a couple of days, the tape recorder quit & she had to get a refund! I was so hurt. Then right before the turn of the NEW Year? [1993] she saw the Singalodeon on Either HSN or QVC! [been soo long I don't remember now] she saw it & purchased it! On that karaoke I recorded 6 karaoke recordings & wrote many of my 1st songs on by singing them out!

Major influences:

Elvis Presley,Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Guns N' Roses, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Marilyn Manson, NIN, Billy ray Cyrus, Garth Brooks,Poison,Motley Crue, Madonna,Prince,Micheal Jackson,Nirvana,Pearl Jam,Skid Row,Metallica,Megadeth,Slayer,LoneStar, Ratt, Kiss,and many many more! I love rock n' roll and much more.. and every bit of it inspired me! Though I rarely accept newer artists, Hinder also greatly inspired me! At least live! I've seen them over 30 times! I miss live rock n roll!


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Special Notice: Though I have made my music available online for purchase? I run this website as a personal website & not as a business! Both AnthonyPhillipStone.com & RockNroll100fm.com are personal websites! Thank You!